Post Collection Procedure

After the eyeballs are removed, we forward them to EBCRC (Eye Bank Coordination and Research Centre) located near K.E.M. Hospital at Parel, Mumbai.  EBCRC is set up by the International Federation of Eye and Tissue Banks, Baltimore, U.S.A.  At EBCRC, all the eyeballs received from various eye banks in Mumbai are examined and graded as per international standards.

Corneally blind persons have to register their names with EBCRC through a recognized surgeon.  The surgeon fills up a form giving necessary details about the condition of the eyes of the blind person.  EBCRC then issues a suitable cornea.  The operation is then carried out by the cornea grafting surgeon.  Two operations are performed within 48 hours.  Two blind persons thus gain their sight.  Cornea grafting is also known as keratoplasty surgery.

The smile from the recipients when their eyesight is restored and the gratitude to the donors who made it all possible are the most valuable emotions we earn.

Alone we can do so little; Together, we can do so much
-Helen Keller