About Arpan Eye Bank Role

Chakshu Pradhanam servesham indriyanam vidurbudhats
(Eyes are the most important of all senses, says scholars)
Ghana neehara yukthanam jyothishamiva bhaskara
(Its like sun among stars in a cloudy misty sky.)

To achieve the maximum collection of eye balls, to set up the best procedures and services, and to bring awareness in society to the cause of eye donations, Arpan Eye Bank has set up adequate establishment with assistants available 24 hours a day.  We have honorary doctors to attend the enucleation of eye balls at any time of day and night with a trustee paying a visit at the residence of the deceased person to deliver to the relatives appreciation certificate for eye donation.

All of the establishment’s medical and other expenses are borne by Arpan Eye Bank, which is a registered charitable Trust known as ARPAN TRUST.  No charges are taken from the family of the donor for any services.

One of our trustees, Shri. Bhupat V. Shah, renders voluntary services by reciting bhajans and giving spiritual discourse at the condolence/prayer meeting, if arranged by the relatives.

So far, Arpan Eye Bank has motivated various hospitals and institutions to set up eye banks and eye collection centers.  In all, the Arpan Eye Bank has helped to set up eight such places in Mumbai and other parts of India.

The Trust runs entirely on voluntary donations.  Some donations are also received from the philanthropic citizens.  This has enabled the trust to acquire necessary infrastructure.  A scheme of Tithi Yojana of fixed contribution of Rs.2500/- to meet daily expenses and to keep memory of the departed person alive in the Trust records is also in vogue and is responded to well by citizen.